Copy Editing / Proofreading for Academics and Students

As graduates ourselves, we are keenly aware of the need for a logical and coherent flow of ideas in academic writing.

If you would like to ensure the language of your essay, dissertation/thesis or course application is correct and concise, we can help. We have worked with academic documents ranging from short A-Level essays to 100,000-word PhD theses. As well as general copy editing and proofreading, we can also check in-text references against a bibliography or specific referencing style.

Please note: We do not offer a writing/rewriting service to students as this constitutes plagiarism.

Case Study

The client

Lubna is an MSc Biomedical Diagnostics student studying in Ireland. She is a non-native speaker of English who requires proofreading help with her essays and lab reports.

How we have helped

We have helped Lubna by proofreading her biomedicine assignments on an ongoing basis. This has involved checking her spelling and grammar and offering advice on where the documents could be made clearer. Each document’s changes have been summarised to show the areas she could improve on in the future.

“I would like to think Sam for all the work that she has done for me. Despite the many mistakes that I make, she is patient with me and proofreads my essays in very short timeframe.

She not only proofreads my documents, but also she gives me tips and helpful comments. I am very happy to deal with a trustful person like Sam. Thank you Sam so much.”
Lubna Alharbi, MSc Biomedical Diagnostics