Hiring a web content writer online

Posted: 6th Nov 2012

If you want to make sure your web content is punchy, effective and in line with your marketing messages, one of the ways you can do this is by posting an individual or bulk writing job on sites such as Copify, which are used to match writing jobs with content writers.

By doing this, you can make the job available to a whole range of experienced writers, who can then accept the work and complete it by the set deadline. As part of the job posting process, you will be asked to give all the details necessary for a writer to accept the brief, such as the type of content, its purpose, the topic and any specific keywords you would like included. This helps to make your expectations clear to both yourself and the content writer.

You can also choose to place an order with a specific content writer, which you may choose to do if they have great feedback or knowledge of a specific topic or if you have worked with them before.

The success of sites such as Copify is based on people providing feedback so that others can make informed decisions when selecting a writer, so always remember to leave honest and considered reviews after you have received the work.

In terms of choosing a site to use and post a job on, here are some points you might want to consider:

  • How the site initially approves and then monitors writers
  • The quantity and quality of the writers on offer
  • The turnaround times for work - whether they are set by the site or if you can set them yourself
  • When/how payment has to be made and what happens if you are unsatisfied with the work


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